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Semi-trailer rental

LTD UGO AUTO offers rental services of cargo semi-trailers to company customers. Our semi-trailers are less than three years old. The customers are offered to rent Tent semi-trailers (both TIR and curtain), Refrigerator semi-trailers, Container chassis and Tipper semi-trailers.

The fleet of rental semi-trailers is being constantly renewed by replacing older trailers with new ones, thus enabling the customer to rent semi-trailers that conform to all current safety and technical requirements.

LTD UGO AUTO offers Krone, Schmitz and Humbaur semi-trailers made in Germany for rent and sale. The fleet of rental semi-trailers consists of more than 250 semi-trailers. There are more than 60 semi-trailers of different type on sale.

The rental price includes the following service and costs:

✓ Performance and organisation of repair works
✓ Including performance and organisation of repair works abroad
✓ Performance and organisation of technical servicing
✓ Tyre wear and change of tyres
✓ Semi-trailer KASKO insurance and KASKO case administration
✓ MTPL insurance of a semi-trailer
✓ TIR certification
✓ FRC certification
✓ Annual transport tax
✓ Annual technical examination
✓ Replacement vehicle
✓ Novelty - GPS route control

Call or e-mail for information on rental prices and conditions: Nauris Ziņģis: +371 27042000  |  nauris@ugoauto.lv


Curtain type semi-trailers

Coupling height: 1 150 mm
Internal length: 13 620 mm
Internal height: 2 680 mm
Internal width: 2 480 mm
Available side height: 2 640 mm
Tyre dimensions: 385 / 65R 22,5
Wooden boards  
High rear door  
Air suspension  
Huckepack type: P400

Refrigerator semi-trailers

Make: Schmitz, Krone
Coupling height: 1 150 mm
Internal length: 13 340 mm
Internal height: 2 650 mm
Internal width: 2 460 mm
External height: 4 000 mm
Unladen mass: 8 980 kg
Curb weight: 39 000 kg
Payload: 30 020 kg
Tyre dimensions: 385 / 65R 22,5
Refrigerating unit: Thermo King SL 200 / SL 400
Also available: Double deckers

Sliding floor semi-trailer

Capacity: 92 m3
Internal length: 13,46 m
Internal height: 2,8 m
Internal width: 2,45 m
Tyre dimensions: 385 / 55R 22,5
Opening side  
Drum brake  

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